Husam (34)

"I was born in Aleppo in 1981 in a small Muslim family and married a wonderful woman. I lived my whole life in Aleppo. First I studied at the Commercial Institute, after that I studied nursing. My favorite place in Aleppo is the old city (the castle and its surroundings).

I lived a happy and quiet life with my family and friends until the war began in Aleppo on 19/7/2012. The war started in a close area, but I could stay in my house for two years (despite the fall of missiles). When the war came in our neighborhood, it became a very dangerous situation, so I had to leave and decided to travel to Turkey on 15/10/2014. That's where I'm living right now.


I have always made buildings of some small pieces as a hobby. In Turkey my hobby has become more serious and more professional. Then I made the Sultan Ahmed mosque (the blue mosque) and other models. Now I hope that I will succeed in this work and to be useful to my country wherever I live. Even if I never return back to Aleppo."

Husam Muhajer

Specially for this installation Husam made the Citadel of Aleppo. It was transported by plain to Amsterdam, because Husam did not get permission to come to The Netherlands.